Tips Alcohol Training

What is Tips Alcohol Training?

T.I.Ps. stands for- Training for intervention procedures.
TIPS alcohol training or education is a comprehensive course on responsible serving.Bartenders and servers should be TIPS certified in whatever corresponding state they live in. Tips can now be taken online it was previously only offered in a traditional class room setting. A bartender has the social responsibility to prevent someone from becoming too intoxicated and should have the training to know how to do this. If you are a bartender or server or are thinking about becoming one I would strongly suggest looking into an alcohol certification course.


  1. I agree, alcohol training courses are not only designed for alcohol handlers and servers but also for their shop or company to satisfy customer's need and to qualify with policies as well as standards.

  2. alcohol retailing is one of the major focus and should be a major focus in terms of controlling this kind of problem in the community.